Opening hours

27 April – 15 September

Every day: 7am – 8pm

Public swimming: 10am – 7pm

Lap swimming: 7am – 11am, 7pm – 8pm


Single ticket

Adult:                     90 kr

Child (3-16 yr):     70 kr

Student:                 70 kr**

Senior citizen:      70 kr

1 ad. + 2 child.:     160 kr

2 ad. + 2 child.:    250 kr

Season pass*

Adult:                  1295.- (ord.pris 1795.-)

Child (3-16 yr): 1095.- (ord.pris: 1495.-)

Student**:         1095.- (ord.pris: 1495.-)

Senior citizen:  1095.- (ord.pris: 1495.-)

1 ad. + 2 child.: 2390.-

2 ad. + 2 child.: 3685.-


Adult:                   795 kr

Child (3-16  yr): 595 kr

Student:              595 kr**

Senior citizen:    595 kr


*The season pass is personal and is valid only together with ID from May 27, 2018 until September 15, 2018.

**With student ID.

Safety and Service

Safety is very important to us!

We are committed to providing all our customers with a quality service in a friendly, clean and safe environment. To help us achieve this please observe our Swimmers Code of Conduct at all times:

Swimmers Code of Conduct

  • All visitor must pay the entrance fee (entering the pool or not).
  • All swimming befalls under one’s own responsibility.
  • Wear only appropriate, recognised swimwear. Full coverage bottom is mandatory.
  • Shower thoroughly and toilet before entering the pool.
  • Babies and young children should wear only appropriate elasticated swimwear.
  • Follow all instructions given by staff & displayed on notices, safety signs etc.
  • Behave in a responsible and courteous manner to all staff and other customers.
  • Stay in shallow water if you cannot swim well.
  • Never leave children under 12 years of age unsupervised.

Do not Swim if:

  • You feel unwell.
  • You are suffering or have recently suffered with diarrhoea or a gastro-intestinal infection.
  • You have recently consumed alcohol.

Inform the staff in case of illness related to your visit.

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